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Please feel free to contact us with your comments, questions, or concerns, or to provide ideas for your occasion.

The following are questions I ask in order to create your DVD. We would like to hear from you!

Photo Slideshow Information:

Contact Information
Perfered Method of contact: phone or email

Which Photo DVD service you are inquiring about?

o Submitting an Order Notification

o Photo Scanning/Archiving

o Appt to schedule review of picture wants

o Appointment to ‘shadow’ your event ( Asheville area)

o Sample viewing of Pictures to DVD movie

o Other

1) Approximately how many photos would you like within your slideshow?

2) How will you submit your photos to us?
      Digital Photos by Email or Disc
      How Many:

3) Would you like to request an on-site photographer (Asheville only)?

4) Are there any Video Clips (short minute or so) to be included?
      How Many:
       Other (Please explain)

5) Would you like DVDs2You to purchase the music on your behalf?: Yes   No

6) How many copies of the DVD will you need?

7) Will the slideshow be for a special occasion? If yes, please indicate the occasion below, this will help us tailor the production.

8) Any other comments or needs?

Thank you for your trust! Our smiles to you for such creativity, wisdom, and innovation in selecting our service -- ‘remembering’ a special moment in time…

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