Asheville Vacation Pictures, Family, Treasured Moments, Free Downloads.

Asheville Vacation Pictures, Family, Treasured Moments, Free Downloads.Shadow Your Event

PictureDVDs2You Special Offer

Have you seen the men’s clothing commercial with the guy who says “You’re going to like the way you look”? I love that motto. And although I don’t carry a clothing line, my product, PictureDVDs2You, will create the same feeling for you. Because I love to capture moments and preserve them on DVD for you to enjoy, I am certain that you will “Like the way you look”.


Here is my deal for you if you live in either Asheville, NC, or Cleveland, Ohio (both are home to me): I LOVE parties and gatherings when I can shoot simple moments. I love preserving these moments.

You can be satisfied, and don’t be surprised, as you might just love knowing you had photographer documenting or ‘shadowing’ your event -- Someone there just to capture those special moments, yet unknown. This little safety net is a bargain, with added bonus of – “Moments-In-Time”, now preserved for you “Later in Time” to enjoy, savor, and delight in?

A picture DVD makes a great gift for a family member or a friend, or for yourself. We do have gift certificates. Please call or email for pricings.

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