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This is your lucky day….

Especially if you like the idea of freezing time and special moments….

Have you ever gone to a wedding where they show a short movie of the new couple, before they were a couple, and as kids?

...or attended a Retirement celebration or a Birthday party, where the story of the individual was presented as a slide show? Were you not delighted?

Have you seen your children’s picture on a big screen TV and had the experience of "savoring" the moment?

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In our busy lives, viewing a remembrance DVD of an ordinary day can allow a slowing of time. This allows  you to see those sweet moments which you may have missed.

It is such a simply way to re-experience your heart. Sometimes in actual/real time we are in a hurry or distracted, or some louder life need gets our attention. “Re-visit” time is slower….

This luxury to “re-visit” and savor… to delight in slowed time is so heart opening! An optimal time for appreciation, joy, and “savoring.”

I am such a lucky one in that I love preserving your special moments! I take your ordinary photos and put them to music and create a few moments of enchantment … It is an awesome keepsake, and keeps giving and giving. This is where your lucky day begins…. You have found me.

If you are interested in having an ordinary day, or a special day, preserved and “frozen-in-time” to enjoy and re-savor you should know that I would love to photograph your day, event, or life! It would be my privilege.

Your lucky day becomes my lucky day in that I get to do what I love … preserve simple moments into moments of appreciation, savoring, and love. I do think the whole world becomes a kinder gentler place, one “savored” sweet moment at a time…. Thank You + Blessings!!!  

~ Myra

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